Cresswell Consulting is a boutique communication management and business advisory firm
Our business approach is innovative, lean and responsive
We offer a comprehensive suite of business and communication services
A bespoke service and longstanding relationships underpin everything we do
We believe successful businesses are built on strong partnerships
We take an individual approach with every client – every time


We work closely and collaboratively with clients to develop strategic, fully customised solutions that help individuals, businesses and organisations enhance their reputations and achieve greater success.  We do this through a deep understanding of the key principles and methodologies that underpin authentic engagement and enduring influence.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of business and communication services to suit a broad range of management requirements.


“Cresswell Consulting provides a level of service and expertise that continues to exceed our expectations. Margaret’s insights and understanding in the areas of communication, business and strategic engagement set her apart, and we are delighted to recommend her firm to those seeking a genuine bespoke experience.”

- Bob Clark, Executive Director, 7 Point Pty Ltd


“Margaret has been a valued Presenter for our company’s professional development courses over many years, delivering more than fourteen courses to both public and private sector groups. During this time she achieved the 'holy grail' of scores - a perfect 5 from all participants. Margaret is also one of our key go-to contractors when we need a very experienced, senior and well-rounded public affairs professional and she has managed a number of critical projects.”

- Karen Paxton, Chief Executive, The Public Affairs Recruitment Company

“Margaret provides RK with strategic business development support that is smart, effective and tailored. She has added value to our team through providing insightful advice and lateral solutions in clear, jargon-free language."

- Victor Harcourt, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

“Margaret quickly grasped the complex multifaceted stakeholder environment within which AHISA operates, and the nuances required to bring all parties along to meet our organisational KPI’s, delivering a high level policy strategy on time and within budget.”

- Elizabeth Tobler, CEO, Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia

“Margaret worked with the AIS Performance Psychology team in assisting us with our marketing strategy. As someone not familiar with our area, she blended excellent listening skills with a no-nonsense approach to move us quickly along the path to revamping our approach. She also facilitated an event with stakeholders, which was productive and insightful, directly addressing elephants in the room and holding us all to account in a way that efficiently achieved the intended outcomes.”

- Kirsten Peterson, Head of Discipline, AIS Performance Psychology